8th Graders Off to College?

For too many of our students and parents, college seems simply out of reach. Some are afraid it’s too expensive, others believe only a fortunate few attend and many may not understand the incredible opportunity a college education offers not only the student but their entire family. As a result, so many amazing students in our community do not take advantage of the opportunity college can provide.

At El Paso Leadership Academy (EPLA), we’re committed to replacing myth with truth. The truth is that not only do our student deserve to go to college, can be prepared for success, but can /often get the majority, if not all, of their college costs covered by scholarships!  We prepare students for success not just through rigorous college preparatory academics, but through a unique leadership and character development program that prepares a student for the challenges within college and life. They will develop a skill-set and mindset setting them apart from any student in the region.

St. Johns and Western New Mexico University Field Trips

Eighth grade is not too early for kids to start thinking about what they want to be when they grow up. That’s why EPLA is the only public school in the region that takes its 8th-grade scholars on an out of town college field trip. This year our 8th graders will visit St. John’s University and Western New Mexico University in New Mexico. For many students, this trip represents the first time they have ventured away from El Paso, let alone out of state. During the trip, our scholars have the opportunity to experience a college campus and learn that, with hard work, determination and some insider information, going to college is a realistic goal.

During the tour, our scholars are not just exposed to college, but other learning opportunities outside the classroom. This year they will visit the world famous interactive museum, Meow Wolf, where they experience art and culture up close and personal. They gain self-confidence, and a new sense of independence, as they navigate the events and activities of the tour – under the safety and guidance of our teacher and parent chaperones. It is not an overstatement to say that this sort of outing can be a life-changing event. Afterward, many scholars learn about careers and create goals that they would never have dreamed of before.

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Omar Yanar

Founder and CEO, El Paso Leadership Academy