Texas charter schools are performing well

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The following Letter to the Editor was published in the El Paso Times on August 21 and can be found here: http://www.elpasotimes.com/story/opinion/2017/08/21/equestrian-statue-shameful-el-paso/580539001/
I was disappointed to read State Board of Education member Georgina Perez’s comments about charter schools since she represents El Paso public schools, including charters.
El Paso is home to charters of all kinds, serving students at 14 campuses ranging from dropout recovery charters to college preparatory schools. These charter schools are fully part of the state’s public education system and held to stricter accountability standards than traditional districts. Charters automatically close after three years of failing to meet academic or financial requirements.
Further, charter boards are accountable for continuing education and professional development and training standards; they are subject to both the Open Meetings Act and the Public Information Act.
Regarding performance, charter schools serve higher proportions of poor and minority students than ISDs and these students are achieving great outcomes. Stanford’s CREDO released a study showing that Texas students at charters are outperforming their district peers in reading and closed the gap in math. Notably, Hispanic students in poverty are faring better in both reading and math.
These outcomes are one reason that parents look for options within public education; they want to find the school that best meets the needs of their child. These students deserve representation by an SBOE member who recognizes them as part of the public education system.
Omar Yanar
Downtown El Paso

8th Grade Mandatory Meeting/Trip & Public Lottery

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We have now officially entered spring! With that comes a variety of activities that we very much hope our parents and community are informed of and a part of.
  • 8th Grade Parents and Students: There's a mandatory meeting tomorrow for the Arizona field trip. We have been consistently tracking grades, attendance, and behavior to determine student eligibility. Please ask your students about these three criteria and don't forget, you can call/email the student's advisory teacher for updates!

  • We are holding our 3rd annual Public Lottery this Thursday at 5:00 pm. While applications are pouring in, we are creating extra space to not only accommodate all students that have applied but a few extra. To our new parents that have applied, your child's space will be guaranteed come Thursday, so if you have friends, cousins, nephews, nieces, etc. who would be a great fit for EPLA, please encourage them to come take a tour and apply! We have some extra space created just for them!

  • 8th Grade Field Trip to Hueco Tanks is this Friday! Congrats to the group of students who earned their way to this wonderful trip to a world renowned geological site that hosts thousands upon thousands of international visitors every year! 
As we approach our May STAAR assessments, please help keep our students accountable for their assignments and encourage our young scholars to keep trying their all! We are in the final stretch towards those assessments so daily encouragement goes a long way! Please feel free to call advisory teachers and our principal if you need any further information or support!

It's That Time of Year Again

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Is it a coincidence that Girl Scout Cookies coincide with our STAAR Assessment? Perhaps so, perhaps not. Each of us could use a S'more or Thin Mint when thinking about the usual feelings that surround standardized assessments. 

Luckily for the El Paso Leadership Academy, our teachers have worked tirelessly to stay true to our mission of teaching critical thought, character and leadership development skills and college ready academics while still incorporating STAAR assessment strategies. This is a time for our leaders to show off their learning and demonstrate excellence within this specific capacity. STAAR season has already begun and our 7th grade leaders have completed the writing portion while our 8th grade leaders finished both the math and reading portions. 

With about a month left of preparation, all eyes are on the May STAAR Assessments. All other components of the exam are taken on May 8th and 9th. During this time, its critical that parents are supportive and holding our leaders accountable to the preparation work needed to be confident and ready! Please ensure our leaders are receiving enough sleep, completing their assignments, showing up to school on-time each day and motivated to show off their learning a month from today. Please stay in contact with teachers through phone and email and notify the office if you have any concerns. 

We are all excited for our leaders to demonstrate their progress throughout the year and we are in the home stretch! As a community that focuses on empowering one another, it is imperative that we surround our leaders with positive encouragement, support, love and the knowledge that they will absolutely decimate this assessment and walk away confident that they left it all on the table. 

Meeting PowerPoint: 8th Grade Field Trip

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Below you will find the PowerPoint slides from our mandatory 8th grade field trip meeting. College field trip details may change as developments are made. Please contact the school with any questions at 915-298-3900.

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Building Renovations and a New Member to our Team!

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Happy Spring to our Families and Students!

With spring in the air, there are some warm tidings of new and remodeled space for our students. After many months of effort on behalf of EPLA staff, we have finally concluded our remodel and our 8th grade students have moved in. There are a few details that we are working out this week that will provide the new, beautiful and safe space our students deserve. 

With new and remodeled classrooms, spring is also bringing a breath of fresh air. After months of discussions, we are excited to announce that one of the country's foremost educational experts, Mr. Antonio Vigil, will be formally joining our team here at the El Paso Leadership Academy. Mr. Vigil brings with him thirty years of educational experience. In addition to being a classroom teacher and school administrator, Mr. Vigil lead efforts to open two separate charter schools (one middle and one high school) in Denver, Colorado. His last effort "SMART Academy" is a public charter high school that serves 100% low-income, first generation college students. 

As the school's leader, he wrote the charter application for the high school, designed its curriculum, was its founding principal and spearheaded almost all efforts for its successful operation. Within its first graduating class, 100% of SMART Academy's students were accepted into a four year university with no student having to pay more than $2000 for their tuition! He is a highly sought-after educator and there are many institutions across the country that were courting him to open up schools for their charter organizations. Mr. Vigil is proud to join the El Paso Leadership Academy as his vision for our students and community align exactly with that of our organization, our executive team and our Founder/CEO. He is deeply committed to the empowerment of our students, the incorporation of parents as partners and ensuring that our leaders are given the equity of educational opportunity they deserve so they can become the leaders this community needs. He will be formally joining us as our new Chief Academic Officer and we welcome you all to come meet him. 

Teacher Brunch 3/16

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Student-Led Conferences: 2/15-2/16

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Early Release 1/26 & No School 1/27

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Happy Holidays! No school 12/23 - 1/10

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EPLA Posada--Join us for fun, food, and games!

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