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Do Colleges Care About Your Child’s Middle School Grades?

Many parents begin their quest to position their children for admission to top-tier colleges as early as middle school, directing them to pursue certain courses or extracurricular activities. The truth is that college admissions committees don’t consider or even see a prospective student’s middle school grades. However, there is some merit to these parents’ emphasis […]

Why Do Our Parents Choose EPLA for Their Children?

National School Choice Week is an annual showcase designed to show parents the various K-12 educational choices available for their children, including conventional public schools, public charter schools, public magnet schools, homeschooling, private schools, and online academies. For 2019, NSCW will be held from January 20 through January 26. Started in 2011, NSCW has grown […]

What Do We Mean When We Say Student Leadership?

At El Paso Leadership Academy, we take leadership so seriously, we’ve incorporated it into our name. For EPLA, student leadership involves character. There are several aspects to student leadership: authenticity, open-mindedness, ability to delegate, desire for knowledge and, perhaps most importantly, willingness to admit mistakes and learn from them. At EPLA, we strive to develop […]

EPLA Welcomes New App + Parent and Community Engagement Center

The El Paso Leadership Academy (EPLA) is always finding new ways to ensure streamlined communication with our parents to support their scholars progress. That said, EPLA is pleased to announce a new comprehensive “one-stop-shop” online tool — Schoolrunner. Schoolrunner can be accessed 24/7 via EPLA’s mobile app, allowing parents and scholars to see grades, assignments, […]

New Grants Support Expansion for School-Wide EPLA Robotics Program

The El Paso Leadership Academy (EPLA) has received a $10,000 grant from the Andeavor Foundation in support of Robotics: Evolving, Inclusive, and School Wide program. EPLA has also received $5,000 from the Freeport-McMoRan Foundation’s STEM Innovation Grant program. These grants will help expand our robotics program, and provide the opportunity for ALL scholars to engage […]

EPLA Now Ranked #1 in the State for Academic Growth; Celebrates 5 Academic Distinctions from TEA!

Established in 2014 by two El Paso natives, Omar Yanar and Andrew Benitez, El Paso Leadership Academy, a tuition-free college preparatory middle school, welcomes its 5th class of 6th graders August 13. This year is extra special as the school is not only celebrating its 5 year anniversary but is also celebrating a number of […]

Preparing for Middle School

As a parent, you know that the middle school years present unique challenges. As your sons and daughters progress from childhood to adolescence, they deal with important physical, mental, and emotional transitions. Middle school education also represents a critical period in academic development. Properly preparing children for middle school requires academic and leadership training – […]

How Middle School Performance Drives College Success

Middle School Performance

A 2014 report produced by the University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research examined 20,000 Chicago Public School students as they progressed from elementary school through middle school and on to high school. According to the report, grades and attendance were the most important indicators of high school and college success – even more […]

Fishing for Learning

Let’s face it, sometimes school can be boring. Do you remember a time when you struggled to stay awake during a boring lecture? If you have,  you understand how students can become restless and bored with conventional teaching methods. At El Paso Leadership Academy (EPLA), we’ve set aside that old mindset for an engaging workshop-oriented […]