8th Grade Facilitators

Name: Mr. Monteros
Role: Facilitator
Contact: amonteros@epleadershipacademy.org

Name: Ms. Curry
Role: Facilitator
Contact: mcurry@epleadershipacademy.org

Hello! I am really excited to bring my eclectic background into the EPLA classroom this year.  Originally from Alabama, I grew up in a rural corner of Arizona, later receiving a BS in Evolutionary Biology and a BA in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Arizona.  After a working for the USDA as a resource conservationist followed by a short stint as a rock climbing bum, I then earned a MS in Entomology from the University of Kentucky.  During graduate school, I became passionate about edible insect production and started a business to promote bug consumption as a sustainable protein which I still continue to develop here in El Paso.  In the Winter of 2016, I served as a TAP tutor and co facilitator of the Transform.Ed program at EPLA.  We are going to accomplish great things; I cannot wait to see how much our students and school transform this year.

Name: Ms. Valadez
Role: Facilitator
Contact: avaladez@epleadershipacademy.org

Hello, my name is Ms. Valadez and I am focusing on 8th grade Science and Math during this academic school year. My background and research focused on Chemistry and biomedical diagnostic devices, and my favorite subjects to read about and work on are Chemistry, Physics, and Biomedical Engineering. I was born in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua and was raised in El Paso, Texas and am excited to be a part of the EPLA team.   

Name: Mr. Brunson
Role: Paraprofessional
Contact: abrunson@epleadershipacademy.org

Hello! My name is Mr. Brunson. I am returning to EPLA this year as the 8th grade facilitator focusing on math (but also teaching a little bit of everything). I received my bachelor's degree in International Relations and German from the University of Arkansas. During the summers I worked as a teacher and tour guide for Education First. My experience with my students during that time inspired me to pursue education as a career. I became TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certified by Edua Languages in Prague. After returning to the United States, I received my Master of Arts in Teaching from Arkansas Tech. I was fortunate enough to begin work at EPLA shortly after moving to El Paso in 2015. It has been a joy to teach our wonderful group of students and I look forward to their continual growth and success.

Name: Mr. Ross
Role: Special Education Teacher
Contact: sross@epleadershipacademy.org

Hello! I am the Special Education Director and Special Ed. Teacher for the 8th  grade. I graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso in 2015. My hobbies include reading, snowboarding, and spending time with family and friends. I enjoy the art of teaching because of my past educational career. All throughout Elementary school and High School I was attending a school that was also much like EPLA, thus I am very happy to pass my knowledge on.