Preparing for Middle School

As a parent, you know that the middle school years present unique challenges. As your sons and daughters progress from childhood to adolescence, they deal with important physical, mental, and emotional transitions. Middle school education also represents a critical period in academic development. Properly preparing children for middle school requires academic and leadership training – precisely the formula provided by El Paso Leadership Academy (EPLA).

Academic Preparation and Leadership Development

Elementary school provides basic skills – reading, writing, and basic mathematics. High school solidifies the skills students have learned and prepares them for higher education and career training. During the middle school years, children decide how important education is to them. EPLA combines an educational environment that combines rigorous learning with a supportive atmosphere that encourages self-confidence and develops leadership skills.

Academic preparation for middle school emphasizes critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Middle school is the period where students transition from reading shorter “story” books to longer nonfiction textbooks, biographies, and fiction books with somewhat complex plots. This is also the period when students should make significant gains in vocabulary. Preparation for middle school math involves applying the multiplication tables and other memorized knowledge to solving problems involving fractions, geometry, algebra and technology. Social studies classes for middle school students emphasize ideas such as fairness and justice, community service, history and culture.

However, a successful middle school education curriculum requires more than academics. Social-emotional learning, as well as leadership development during the middle school years, is also essential. At EPLA, we promote the core values and “soft-skills” that college and employers alike are practically screaming at the public school system to teach, but simply isn’t happening. At EPLA, our students learn how to collaborate with each other, work together toward a goal, gain critical levels of responsibility and empowerment as well as listen, empathize and understand one another. It not only makes them a highly effective leader but an overall better individual. We provide a nurturing environment where kids feel safe enough to be themselves and develop the self-confidence they need to mature into adulthood and take their places as leaders within the community.

At EPLA, we turn students into scholars.  Give us a call today to schedule a tour of our school!