Summertime Activities for Scholars

Many students count the days until they can close their books and concentrate on having serious fun. However, summer learning is of major importance in order for all kids to maintain the academic progress they’ve made during the year. Nonetheless, many children in our community do not have access to this valuable resource.

The effects of little to no summer learning can be devastating. In fact, by the time many students reach fifth grade, they have fallen as much as 2.5 to 3 years behind their more fortunate peers who have the benefit of summer programs. EPLA is committed to assisting students and families “bridge the gap” and engage in meaningful summer learning. In addition to the fun and engaging summer camps EPLA hosts, we want to ensure parents can tap into the multiple resources provided through local organizations like UTEP, the YWCA and Latinitas.

Local Summer Learning Events

Concerned parents can often find local summer learning activities organized by nonprofit organizations or government entities. For instance, many communities provide free meals for students during the summer to make up for the absence of school lunches. EPLA is committed to ensuring that our families are given every available resource to provide their children with a meaningful summer experience.  These learning activities allow students to maintain the academic progress they have made during the school year while maintaining the atmosphere of fun and enjoyment so many kids look forward to at the end of the school year.

Summer Homework?!

EPLA understands that families are busy and may have limited opportunity for their children to attend summer camps. This is why students are not only given wonderful readings lists and a step by step process for accessing their local library, but also still have access to all our online, adaptive learning tools! Students can access programs like Game Salad, Newsela and a others in order to have a fun and interactive way to practice their reading, math and thinking skills!

El Paso Leadership Academy is firmly committed to providing year-round learning resources for its scholars and for the larger community.

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Omar Yanar

Founder and CEO, El Paso Leadership Academy