What Do We Mean When We Say Student Leadership?

At El Paso Leadership Academy, we take leadership so seriously, we’ve incorporated it into our name. For EPLA, student leadership involves character. There are several aspects to student leadership: authenticity, open-mindedness, ability to delegate, desire for knowledge and, perhaps most importantly, willingness to admit mistakes and learn from them.

At EPLA, we strive to develop these admirable leadership qualities in our students within a safe and supportive environment. Our students understand that faculty members and administrative staff are there to provide guidance while allowing them to develop their own sense of integrity and system of values.

EPLA prides itself on its challenging curriculum. However, we don’t limit our educational offerings to books and classes. EPLA also provides several extracurricular opportunities for our students to develop leadership skills.

There are clubs suiting nearly every interest for primary and secondary students alike. Students have organized the Philosophy Club, TEDTalk Club, Movie Club, Cheer Club, Culture Club, IXL Club, Basketball Club, Book Club, School Beautification Club, Chess Club, and Drama Club.

el paso leadership academy chess clubStudents can also serve as peer mentors to their fellow students and gain valuable experience by participating in student government. They can even organize their own clubs as student club organizers.

Our students not only benefit from the rigorous academic environment at EPLA, but also develop as well-rounded citizens. They are well prepared to move on to higher education and, later on, into their working lives.

At EPLA we maintain an environment where our students thrive, both academically and in their overall development. Each member of our faculty and administration is committed to ensuring that each student reaches his or her fullest potential. We welcome the opportunity to provide the same educational and leadership development opportunities for your child.

There’s no better time to enroll your child at EPLA! Begin here: bit.ly/ApplyEPLA