What in the World is Game Salad?

At first, Game Salad may sound like a lunch item our students are not excited about. When, in fact, it’s one of the most exciting elective courses we offer our scholars! Game Salad is a course that teaches students the fundamentals of computer science by allowing students to build their own video games! This level of computer science is often what students in El Paso have to wait until 9th grade to learn and EPLA offers our course in 7th grade! This is just the beginning of our emerging STEM programming and more on that later.

Teaching Logic and Reasoning through STEM and STEAM

Focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), sometimes with Arts added in (STEAM), represents one of the most important trends in education and careers. Specifically, STEM and STEAM oriented educational curricula emphasize rigorous academics and skills that 21st-century employers are seeking, including logic and reasoning. Game Salad is just the start. Our students will begin engaging in a full robotics program learning the fundamental of engineering and exercising those computer science skills to control the robots. Soon, they’ll be engaged in regional and statewide robotics competitions that colleges and employers are excited to see as students develop critical skills needed for their future success.

Game Salad

The kids of today do not know a world without technology. They have connected with smartphones, tablets and game consoles by the time they were able to hold and swipe one. Game Salad uses this ability to teach students critical computer science skills like debugging, iteration and other coding related skills in a real-world oriented, fun atmosphere that kids love.

Game Salad includes five modules: Monster Maze, Fruit Fall, Good Tank-Bad Tank, Space Runner, and Top-Notch Trivia. Each module emphasizes a different set of skills.

  • Monster Maze teaches conditional statements, variables, and algorithms
  • Fruit Fall emphasizes object-oriented design, user interface design, random functions, and hardware sensors
  • Good Tank-Bad Tank teaches mathematical expressions & looping and introduces students to artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Space Runner provides instruction in animation systems, looping, particles, and physics
  • Top Notch Trivia focuses on data-driven programming, variable scoping, and data structures

Combined together, the Game Salad program as a whole provides hands-on learning that is more effective and engaging than any multiple-choice test or online quiz.

To learn more about the Game Salad program, give us a call today! We’d love to talk with you about how we integrate Game Salad into our supportive, innovative educational environment to empower our students for future success.


Omar Yanar

Founder and CEO, El Paso Leadership Academy